Wedding Photography, What’s Important?

You’re getting married! Yay, go you! Now its time to get all your ducks in a row. To church or not to church, Reception venue, guest list (who is sitting next to flatulent uncle Dave?), food, drink, favours, invites, wedding stationary, rings, honeymoon etc. Wait, I feel like I’m forgetting something. We’re here for………Photography, that’s right. How did I forget? You wouldn’t be the first, you won’t be the last. Don’t forget your photographer, some can be booked years in advance and you don’t want the headache of trying to book your photographer last minute.

Anyway, what’s important? Firstly check your chosen photographer out, it’s as simple as having a look at their website. Do you like their style? Some photographers are exclusively journalistic, that means they won’t be too eager about taking the big family shot in the shape of a love heart. Some will exclusively want to do posed shots, because that is what they’re comfortable with. Hell, I daresay you’ll find one or two that only like to take pictures of inanimate objects like the table decoration because they’d rather not communicate with a human (it’s true). 

Next, the client (you) is always right. ALWAYS, no exceptions. You want some lingerie boudoir style photographs as part of your bridal prep? Great, you can have it. You want the cheesy, funny photographs? Great, you can have them. You want your photographer to dangle upside down from a chandelier like a monkey? Great……, wait, probably don’t do that. The venue wouldn’t be best pleased. The point is, you have to find a wedding photographer that is happy to deliver what you’re looking for. Be clear with your photographer when you meet them, as to what you want. And if they’re uncomfortable with what you want, then perhaps they aren’t the photographer for you? 

MEET YOUR PHOTOGRAPHER. This is super important, they are going to be a part of one of the biggest days of your life. So the purpose of the meet, is really to make sure you get along with the photographer. The last thing you want, is a surly rude photographer turning up to your wedding. Chastising your guests every time one of them uses the camera on their phone (yes, some will do this), barking orders at you and your family like some kind of hyped up Sergeant Major whenever he wants you somewhere. Yes, that would be a nightmare scenario, and it’s thankfully rare. 

Get a contract from your photographer, it will usually detail what your package will entail. What happens in the event of a cancellation by your photographer, usually this will and should only happen through illness. But I have heard of instances of photographers cancelling because they have double booked, or just because they fancy going to watch the footy with their mates on that day, instead. Again, rare, thankfully. But if you have a contract, you’ll know exactly where you stand. 

Check with your photographer what equipment they use. Do they have at least one full frame camera? Do they use a telephoto lens (the last thing you want is the photographer in your guest’s faces with a 10mm lens)? Will they be using flash? Trust me, indoors this one is important, especially if they are covering your evening reception.  Are they using software, such as photoshop or lightroom to edit your photographs? Just get a general idea, I wouldn’t expect you to know the technical terms. That’s why you are paying a professional.

Lastly, enjoy your day. Honestly, it rushes by at the speed of light. From that nervous moment of waiting to see each other at the altar or registration desk, to crossing the threshold into the bridal suite, it will all be over before you know it. So try and take it all in. Let your photographer worry about capturing those memories in a visual format. And if you’re having a honeymoon, have a blast, that’s the best bit because it’s just for you and your new spouse.