What Is The Problem With Boudoir Photography?

Boudoir photography? *Gasps* isn’t that just an excuse for a
seedy photographer to take pictures of pretty ladies in their

Right. I’m going to stop you right there, we need to discuss
boudoir photography and its merits, and the misconceptions around it.

So, here’s the thing. Your view is not just your own, its
quite widely held. And I daresay there are a few photographers out there that
do only want to photograph women in their undies. But they are the minority. Boudoir
photography is not what a lot of people think it is, and what they think it is?
Top and bottom, “adult entertainment”. A friend of mine recently encountered
this problem when arranging a boudoir shoot, he was looking for a nice
location. A nice room in a nice hotel, he wasn’t trying to get it free. He was
more than happy to pay for the room, for the time he was going to use it. By in
large, the response to this request ranged from the flat ‘no’ to the ‘we don’t
allow that sort of thing here’. What sort of thing? I can only assume they
thought he was going to have the beautiful lady he was working with, naked and
trussed up like some kind of roasting joint. With all sorts of unsavoury things
being photographed (like unsavoury things don’t happen in their hotel rooms,

It’s complete madness, and not what boudoir shoots are about
at all. More often than not, there’s no nudity and if there is any, it’s
generally of the ‘implied’ variety. That means, you think you’re getting
something really racy and risqué. But really, you’re looking at a person
wearing more fabric, than if they were on a beach in St. Tropez or Benidorm.
(have you seen swimwear these days?) Boudoir is a beautiful expression of the
art of photography, and something amazing you can give to your partner as a
gift. Or, you know what? Something amazing you can do with your partner.
*Gasps* That’s right, boudoir photography is not just for female subjects. I’ve
seen male boudoir, too. Granted, there are usually less stockings and suspenders
involved, usually. But yes, why not? If you’re comfortable being intimate in
front of the camera, absolutely go for it. And in the end, that’s what it comes
down to, being comfortable. A good boudoir shoot can be empowering for the subject,
but you should never do anything you’re uncomfortable with.

And one for the wedding photographers. Sometimes, the bride
or groom are going to want some boudoir style photography. Something to give as
a gift to their soon to be husband or wife. Perhaps before the wedding? It’s
actually a really nice idea, and something as a photographer you should consider

So, remember. Boudoir Photography is an art form, it’s not
seedy and it’s probably not half as risqué as you think it is. Maybe give it a
try? Oh, and the friend I mentioned earlier. He did get a location to do his
shoot, and it turned out fantastic. Some really nice shots of a really
beautiful lady. Kudos.